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Our Integrity Home Report helps us Sell Your Home for More Money, Faster, & with Less Stress!  We truly care about your valuable time and health.  Allow us to show you how we make sure you get the most from your sale along with a smooth transition.

Our Average "List Price To Sales Price" ratios have been OVER 100% for the past 10 years!!!  That means on average, we sell homes for more than what we list for. Count on Experience when it comes to pricing and marketing Your Home!

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Click the Buyers Link above to be directed to our professional home buying team, the "Portland House Hunters", who go above and beyond with 100% no cost to you.  Our website is updated every 10 minutes and is easy to use.

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​You are invited to preview our "Sellers Package & Marketing Plan". Please select the Marketing Plan Link above and take a look at our uploaded PDF Presentation along with our "7 Steps To Get Your Home Sold".